Happy 16th Birthday Images, Quotes, Wishes, Msg

Happy 16th Birthday Images, Quotes, Wishes, Msg

Happy 16th Birthday Images, Quotes, Wishes, Msg. Hip-hip-hooray! It’s your big day! May your 16th year be your best year yet! I know it will be a tremendous success! Happy Sweet 16th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest 16 year old I know! You have grown into such a beautiful young woman, inside and out!

You have grown into being quite the fine young man. I couldn’t be more proud of you. May your 16th birthday be memorable and wonderful.

Happy 16th Birthday Messages

  1. Happy 16th Birthday Images, Quotes, Wishes, Msg
    16th Birthday Images, Quotes, Wishes, Msg

    At 16, so many exciting things come your way. It’s okay — even cool — to be excited about life! Enjoy every second of this year! Happy 16th birthday!

  2. happy 16th birthday quotes
    16th birthday quotes

    Wishing you a blessed journey ahead filled with adventure and lessons that will strengthen your heart in the chapters to come! Happy 16th birthday!

  3. happy 16th birthday quotes
    happy 16th quotes

    In you, I feel, a star was born. You inner light sparkles with such brilliance. May your 16th birthday have an amazing shine!

  4. happy 16th birthday messages
    happy 16th messages

    Happy sixteenth birthday you are beautiful lady, as you celebrate this amazing time, May all your wishes come true. May all your hopes and dreams be fulfilled.

  5. happy 16th birthday girl
    happy 16th girl

    Dear son, we appreciate you for all the joy and happiness you have brought us. Today marks your 16th birthday and we wish you nothing but success and happiness in life.

  6. happy 16th birthday wishes
     16th birthday wishes

    You have grown up to be a very beautiful and intelligent young lady, and on this sixteenth birthday, which is a special day for you, we wish you prosperity and the best of health. Happy birthday pumpkin!

  7. happy 16th birthday wishes
     16th birthday wishes

    Enjoy a marvelous sixteenth birthday today, my beautiful princess. May God grant you wisdom and strength to overcome the rigorousness of this new stage in your life. Happy birthday, daughter!

  8. happy 16th birthday wishes
    16th birthday wishes

    Not every uncle/aunt is blessed like I am to have such a brilliant and energetic young man as his nephew. I want you to know that you will always have my support, especially as you drive through this very demanding stage in your life. Happy birthday.

  9. happy 16th birthday image
    happy birthday image

    Today is such a special day because I know that I have a brave and intelligent nephew who turns sixteen years today. I trust you will safely drive your friends’ home tonight for the celebration of this new age in your life. Happy birthday, nephew!

  10. happy 16th birthday image
    happy birthday image

    At 16, I am confident that you will remain focused and keep on being the good girl that I have always known you for. Happy birthday, dear niece!

  11. happy 16th birthday pictures
    happy birthday pictures

    You make 16 look so cool, my DEAR BROTHER. Make the best out of this year.

  12. happy 16th birthday pictures
    happy 16th pictures

    On this special day, I want you to know that I treasure our friendship more than any other thing. You’re 16 now, cheers to having more fun.

  13. happy sweet 16th birthday images
    happy sweet 16th birthday images

    Wow, you turned 16 so fast! It’s been a pleasure watching you grow into the intelligent young lady you are. But you’ll still be my sweet little cousin. I love you.

  14. happy sweet 16th birthday images
    happy sweet 16th birthday images

    A joyous birthday to a grandson with the bravest young heart. You deserve a huge birthday bash.

  15. 16th happy birthday
    16th happy birthday

    I thought your mum was the cutest girl in the world, but you are a precious jewel. Have a Grand Sixteenth.

  16. 16th happy birthday
    16th happy birthday

    My lovely granddaughter, your sweetness is incomparable. Cherish every bit of your sweet 16.

  17. happy 16th birthday pics
    happy birthday pics

    16 years and you’ve already accomplished so much! I can’t wait to see what 16+ more will bring! You are continually impressing me with your maturity and intelligence—you are far too wise for your years! Happiest Birthday to you!

  18. happy 16th birthday pics
    happy 16th pics

    This is your special day, your birthday. If it’s as special as you, it will be extraordinary. Happy 16th birthday!

  19. happy 16th birthday
    happy 16th 

    Happy Birthday from me to you! May your year be full of surprises and wonderful things around every corner! Enjoy your 16th birthday to the fullest! Happy Birthday!

  20. happy 16th birthday
    16th birthday

    Have tons of fun with your friends today! After all, it’s your 16th birthday, and you’re not getting any younger! Go wild!

  21. happy 16th birthday images
    happy 16th birthday images

    Happy Birthday to my sweet 16 year old! I can’t believe the year has finally arrived—I didn’t think we would survive those angsty pre-teen years! Much love to you on your big day!

  22. happy 16th birthday images
    happy 16th birthday images

    Best Wishes as you celebrate your big day! Sweet 16–I hardly know what to say?! May this year be your best year yet and may you receive an abundance of blessings!

  23. happy 16th birthday images
    happy 16th birthday images

    Sugary sweet and delightful: it must be your special day! Congratulations on turning sixteen!

  24. happy 16th birthday messages
    happy 16th birthday messages

    You’re growing up into a wonderful, one-of-a-kind person. Have a blast with your fun new age. Happy 16th birthday!

  25. happy 16th birthday messages
    happy 16th birthday messages

    You are now 16, a dangerous and yet exciting age. Be careful; be smart, I wish you all the best as you celebrate this fantastic time.

  26. happy 16th birthday quotes
    happy 16th birthday quotes

    I know you don’t usually like sentiments these days. But I took the time just to send you enough hugs and kisses for your journey through 16. They will comfort you whenever you feel lonely.

  27. happy 16th birthday quotes
    happy 16th birthday quotes

    You’ve entered age 16 with so much grace and perfection. Bask in the freedom and fun the year brings.

  28. happy 16th birthday quotes
    happy 16th birthday quotes

    Happy Sweet 16th Birthday! Much love and many good thoughts being sent your way. You have a beautiful life ahead of you and its only just beginning! Enjoy this very special day!

  29. happy 16th birthday quotes
    16th birthday quotes

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! You look like a monkey and you smell like one too! Love the only person who could get away with saying that—your sibling! Have a great day…in the zoo!

  30. You’ve never been afraid of change. You don’t know fear. You are the bravest 16 year old I know. You make me so proud. Happy birthday!
  31. There is a secret most people don’t know about when it comes to birthdays. When you become 16, it is the beginning of your entry to adulthood. We know you will handle it gracefully. Happy Birthday!
  32. Happy Sweet 16th Birthday. May you be surrounded and all-encompassed in a massive sea of joy, love, family, and friendship. You are truly one sweet girl!

  33. Happy birthday! Even if years are going by quickly, and you are already 16, please make sure not to grow up too fast. Enjoy your youth and have fun!
  34. My wish for you today is simple, have the very best day and make the absolute most of your special day! You only turn 16 once so get out there and enjoy the heck out of it!
  35. Time to roll down the car windows, you are old enough to drive. I wish you a lot of fun road trips ahead of you. Happy 16th birthday.
  36. If your Sweet 16th Birthday is as special and amazing as you are—you are going to have one absolutely earth-shattering, amazing, fantastic birthday!
  37. Happy 16th birthday. You are definitely growing up and showing maturity. It’s cool to see what great things you are accomplishing.
  38. From me to you. Happy birthday! I hope your day is as wonderful as you are—which is pretty darn wonderful!
  39. You are the bravest, most courageous 16 year old I have ever met! May you squeeze the heck out of this 16th year of your life! Happy 16th Birthday!
  40. There’s nothing sweeter than a sweet girl like you having her sweet memories created on her sweet sixteenth birthday. Rock it, girl.
  41. Happy Birthday to a young woman who is wise beyond her years and only grows more beautiful every day. Happy sweet 16!
  42. Wishing you a life full of wonder, excitement, friendships and good luck. That’s what we wish for you on this special day! Happy 16th birthday!
  43. Best wishes to a beautiful human being. I hope your 16th birthday is positively magical. Enjoy everything about your special day.
  44. May 16 be a sweet year. May every sweet moment bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams. And may these dreams make your life sweeter. Happy 16th birthday!
  45. This is the one time you get to be 16. Come out of that shell and let’s get the party started!
  46. This day is about you, this time is about you and you should be all about you. Do what is best for you. Happy 16th birthday dearie, I love you.
  47. Every time a bell rings, a 15-year-old gets promoted to 16! Can you believe that? Well I guess you can as you are the one that’s being promoted! Happy Sweet 16th Birthday! *Ring-a-ding-ding*
  48. The best way to live life is to embrace all the challenges it presents while appreciating the lessons learnt. Life will be tough after 16 but enjoy it all the same.
  49. High hopes on your dreams to take flight,
    Beautiful opportunities to greet you on your way,
    Happiness and sunshine to fill your days
    And blessings to shower down on you always!
    Happy 16thbirthday!
  50. Being 16 is an excuse to party with friends, to do things to your heart’s content and to learn things that you’ve always been interested on. Have an awesome 16th birthday!
  51. People at your age want to grow up too fast. My best gift for your 16th birthday is: don’t rush. Take your time, enjoy your youth, party like crazy and make responsible decisions. Happy b-day!
  52. Before, your parties are all about magic shows and mascots, now, it is about crazy dancing and music! Go wild! Happy 16th birthday!
  53. When you turn 16, you are entrusted with more responsibilities. Your family starts seeing you as someone they can rely on. Don’t be afraid of this. Take it as a challenge! It is aimed to prepare you on what’s coming in the future! Happy 16th birthday!
  54. Keep in mind that even though you are turning 16, the impulse control part of your brain is still developing. Unfortunately, you probably didn’t read my message because you got distracted by the money in this card.
  55. You are meant to set a trail of wonder. Your kind heart is to shine upon the darkness. You are an amazing person to behold. Happy 16th birthday!
  56. I was going to send you something very pretty and special to your 16th birthday. Sadly they did not fit into the envelope. Therefore you are getting this birthday card instead.
  57. Embrace the excitement of being 16. The thrill of the parties, falling in love, the challenges of school while juggling tasks and learning how to drive. Happy 16th birthday!
  58. It’s time to party! Who is up for in da club because it’s your birthday? Yup! You got that right. It’s YOUR big, special day. It’s finally arrived—you are sweet 16! Happy Birthday to my best girl friend!
  59. Cease the day, dear. It’s special because a wonderful young lady was birthed 16 years ago. Glad you’re in my life.
  60. It was Match Box and Hot Wheels before, now you are driving your own red car. You are constantly updated with the latest in Xbox and Play Station – that did not change! Happy 16th Birthday Buddy! Enjoy the ride!