Happy 21st Birthday Images, Wishes, Quotes, Msg

Happy 21st Birthday Images, Wishes, Quotes, Msg

Happy 21st Birthday Images, Wishes, Quotes, Msg. Hearty congratulations to you on hitting this great milestone of life. Have a beautiful 21st birthday, year and life.

Party like a superstar because you’re turning 21 years old today! Enjoy your special day.

Happy 21st Birthday Images, Wishes, Quotes, Msg
21st Birthday Images, Wishes, Quotes, Msg

You have been nothing but a joy to all of us and on your 21st birthday we wish you all the best.

happy 21st birthday images
happy 21st birthday images

I can’t believe that you are twenty-one, the time pass how fast. Don’t forget buddy, the time is always different everywhere. When you are having fun, the time pass faster other moments so you win new memories. Don’t care of your age, always have fun. Happy birthday!!

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes

  1. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you turn 21 so gracefully. May the bright smile God has blessed you with today never leave your face. Happy birthday!
  2. The day you’ve been dreaming of is finally hear. The countdown is over! Happy 21st birthday!
  3. Happy 21st birthday, may you finally achieve all the dreams that you have long been aspiring.
  4. happy 21st birthday images
     21st birthday images
  5. Here is a word of wisdom for your 21st birthday: Great freedom comes with plenty of responsibility. Have fun and live smart.
  6. May your 21st birthday open the door to your prosperity. Happy 21st birthday!
  7. You’re 21 and full of fun. Stay young forever! Have a nice birthday.
  8. Being such a wonderful friend to me, you deserve nothing but the finest…on your 21st birthday and on every blessed day of your existence.
  9. happy 21st birthday images
    happy 21st birthday images
  10. Take off that good girl mask. It’s time to get wild and crazy for your 21st birthday!
  11. I pray and hope your 21st birthday is crammed with the guiltiest of pleasures! Have a fabulous day!
  12. You are the gift that keeps on giving. 21 years of bliss is what you’ve given me. I hope this birthday wish is a special treat.
  13. Your 21st birthday is truly something to be celebrated, a ticket to a brand new world, that it is.
  14. happy 21st birthday quotes
    happy 21st birthday quotes
  15. 21 is some weird age because the amazing childhood is on one side of the line, also the some worrying adult is on one side of the line. But you had proved how to pass from childhood to adult already. You have already done because everyone call you responsible, loving, clever. you are like a hero on their eyes. Happy birthday hero!! Good luck to such bad enemies.
  16. Your 21st anniversary gives me the perfect opportunity to tell how blessed I feel to have a wonderful friend and angel like you by my side. May your Big Day be so fabulous that you remember it forever.
  17. happy 21st birthday pics
    happy 21st birthday pics
  18. Smile because you’re still young and the future is yours to conquer. Happy 21st birthday!
  19. I hope your day is incredible. Spend it with friends and family because they will always be there for you…when you’re turning 21 and when you’re turning 51. Happy birthday to my sister!
  20. happy 21st birthday quotes
    happy 21st birthday quotes
  21. Today twenty age end and there are new startings on your ahead. The most important part for you is starting. Use the chance very good. Happy Birthday.
  22. Happy 21st birthday, you are now of age, a legal person already, no more need for fake IDs!
  23. Congratulations on blissfully overcoming two decades of your life. Welcome to the phase of youth & make the best of your life by reinventing yourself. Happy Birthday.
  24. Many congratulations on your 21st! Wishing you success and happiness on your very special birthday!
  25. happy 21st birthday wishes
    happy 21st birthday wishes
  26. May the force be with you as you celebrate 21 years of existence on planet Earth!
  27. On your 21st birthday, I only have one message for you. Never stop being proud of who you are, for you are amazing. May beauty and blessings surround you forever.
  28. Look how far you’ve made it! You are another year older and another year wiser. Happy 21st birthday.
  29. On your 21st birthday, I want to wish you have a wonderful life and the things you wanted. But don’t forget the life happen beautiful as long as you work for it. Do something magnificent works that the people will remember until forever. Imagine the life like a build. In your childhood you brought material of the build. In the your next twenty years you will build infrastructure. Because of this your built will stay until you die but if you built sturdy. Happy Birthday dear, have a very beautiful life.
  30. On your 21st birthday, you get to blow more candles than normal because you are now legal.

Happy 21st birthday quotes

  1. Happy 21st birthday! Hoping you enjoy to the fullest all the amazing privileges and benefits that this amazing age has to offer.
  2. Take risks and be brave. This is the time of your life to make the mistakes you’ll regret later. Have a fantastic 21st birthday.
  3. happy 21st birthday wishes
    21st birthday wishes
  4. Now that you’re 21, nobody can tell you want to do, unless of course, you’re married. Melanie White
  5. You can now start drinking because you are officially allowed to, happy 21st birthday to you.
  6. Congratulations on your 21st birthday! For you only today is a special day but because you were part of our lives every day of these past years have been special for us. Love you princess.
  7. May God hear all your birthday wishes and make them come true. Happy 21st birthday!
  8. happy birthday 21st images
    birthday 21st images
  9. It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday! Party like it’s your 21st birthday! Have fun.
  10. I hope that your 21st birthday gets filled with joy, excitement and happiness, you deserve it.
  11. Here’s wishing you a mighty ocean of fun on your 21st birthday. May all things good and beautiful find their way to you wherever you may go.
  12. happy 21st birthday messages
    21st birthday messages
  13. It’s okay to show your excitement. You’re 21 and that’s worth the excitement. Have a fun-filled birthday.
  14. Wishing you an incredibly happy 21st birthday! May every blessed day of your life gift you heavenly bliss.
  15. You look as beautiful as ever on this wonderful occasion. I hope your 21st birthday brings you many amazing memories.
  16. happy 21st birthday pictures
     21st birthday pictures
  17. May your 21st birthday be even more wonderful than you ever expected. If there’s anyone who deserves a truly special day, it’s someone as special as you.
  18. Your twenty first birthday is a chance, you have got once shot in this life and that is this day.
  19. Congratulations to you, for your birthday. Remember that it is not just another year that we are celebrating, but we are being grateful for the gift that God gave to our family and friends 21 years ago.
  20. happy 21st birthday pictures
    21st birthday pictures
  21. As you turn 21 today, I was just reminiscing about all of your impressive achievements and all of the wonderful moments we have shared together.
  22. Yay! You’ve grabbed the freedom you have been looking for at last! So throw away all your fake IDs and let’s paint this town red! Wishing you a very exciting life as a 21-year-old!
  23. The best memories are formed when your 21 years young! Happy birthday to you.
  24. happy 21st birthday pics
     21st birthday pics
  25. I’m proud of the person you’ve become. So responsible and wise beyond your years. I hope your 21st birthday inspires you to make the most out of life.
  26. Happy 21st birthday! You are not only the youngest 21-year-old in the world but you are also the coolest. May God never stop decorating your life.
  27. For as long as the sun shines, may your heart know peace and true happiness. Happy 21st birthday!
  28. May you receive many sweet surprises on your 21st birthday!
  29. May this 21st birthday you celebrate today bless you with riches, contentment and happiness beyond your wildest imagination.
  30. Make sure you dream big and accomplish your goals. In all of your success, remember that the simplest things lead to the happiest life. Love always, happy 21st birthday.

Happy 21st birthday messages

  1. 21 is no ordinary milestone. So from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a fabulously happy  birthday. May this landmark celebration lead you to greater heights in life.
  2. There’s nothing in the world that could come between me and your 21st birthday celebration. I had to be here to support you in this wonderful moment. Happy birthday, my friend.
  3. Happy Birthday! It’s been an amazing 21 years while watching you grow, learn, and laugh as you chase your dreams with the power to achieve anything.
  4. You were just a kid back then and now here you are celebrating your 21st birthday this day.
  5. Happy Birthday my brother. I pray that your path will always be full of bright happiness. I want you to always be this kind, magnificent and strong man like you became in past 20 years. I love you very much.
  6. I hope that your 21st birthday marks a fabulous start to your adult life and that you are always blessed with great opportunities and exciting adventures!
  7. May the happy moments of your life be as countless as the sands upon the surface of this earth. Happy 21st birthday!
  8. Time is not on our side. No time for second thoughts. Let’s throw caution to the wind and live like there’s no tomorrow. You’re 21 now. Let’s celebrate!
  9. Your 21st birthday
    Is a cause to be celebrated
    With the main aim being
    To leave you elated!
  10. Your 21st is a special one
    So don’t let it pass you by
    Like all the other years
    That seem to fly by!
  11. I always praise the skies for bringing you to me. Happy 21st birthday, my darling.
  12. It’s a happy occasion. Happy 21st birthday to you. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are.
  13. Wishing you health, happiness and success on your 21st birthday!Have a blast, my friend!
  14. You have too many blessing to count on your 21st birthday. Appreciate even the small things. Happy birthday.
  15. Your days of being restrained are now in the past. So here is a toast to your new-found liberty to have all the fun in the world! Happy 21st birthday!
  16. I made a sign for your car. Caution! Just made 21. Proceed with care!
  17. I wish nothing but the very best for
    you each and every day of your life,
    but especially today on your very
    important 21st birthday!
  18. Now that you’ve turned 21, you’ll never miss out on all those amazing 21+ concerts! Get ready to have the fun of your life. Happy birthday!
  19. On the roller coaster of life, your 21st birthday is like being at the top of the first giant hill with your hands in the air and no lap bar. Greg Tamblyn
  20. May I live long enough to watch you succeed in your life, I wish you a happy 21st birthday!
  21. Life is too short, so enjoy all the fun being 21 has to offer. Happy 21st birthday!
  22. A very happy 21st birthday to you!
  23. Happy birthday!Your 21st birthday marks the beginning
    of something truly wonderful!I hope all of your dreams and aspirations
    come true for you this year, and that your
    success continues to grow throughout the
    years ahead!Have a memorable one today!
  24. Happy 21st birthday! Never feel sad about growing older, for being able to grow older and enjoy life is a privilege many don’t get to enjoy.
  25. Just wanted to wish you a very special happy 21st birthday. May you find faithful friends, precious memories, and happiness wherever life may lead you.
  26. There is so much more ahead of you, today, as you celebrate your 21st birthday, stay happy.
  27. Happy 21st birthday dear. May you always be happy, may it be greater than it already is & may your path be wonderful & smooth!
  28. To complete 20 years is the most meaningful of all birthdays and along with it come many more responsibilities, new dreams and other loves. Receive my best wishes for a happy birthday.
  29. Happy 21st birthday to someone who has a truly bright future ahead of them!I hope you have a fantastic day!
  30. Age 21 is undoubtedly the bomb! Relax and enjoy the exciting magic this outstanding age comes with. Happy birthday!
  31. Wishing a glorious 21st birthday to an amazing individual! The happiness and fun that inhabit this age are remarkable. Enjoy every bit of this awesome life you’ve been blessed with.
  32. Your big birthday has finally arrived!
    Happy 21st, my friend!
  33. Today, on your 21st birthday, start a new adventure filled with the better things in this life.
  34. Happy 21st birthday! You, my friend, are blessed beyond words to see this exceptional age. Count your blessings and have a colorful celebration!
  35. Your 21st birthday is but the beginning of your life this marks the start of a new chapter again.